The following rules have been created to establish a unified Gorean Atmosphere to the Jewel. The rules are final and will not be modified based on individual opinion or any other outside parties to the JGT. Any parties that enter the JGT will recognize and abide by the rules of the Home Stone or will be asked to leave. Reading the rules is required, if you post without reading them, you still automatically post to the rules and guidelines stated within these pages.

Guidelines & Rules:

  1. The Rulings of the JGT are final and may not be withdrawn for any individuals partaking of the Role Play interactions within the site. If there are any conflicts they should be brought to the attention of the JGT within a timely manner. All parties will be present or available upon final decision and will adhere to the statement of conclusion.

  2. The acts occurring inside the JGT will adhere to the following rules:

    1. Free Persons are designated with capped handles.
      slaves are designated by lower case handles.

    2. slaves must request permission to enter, to go afk or depart the tavern.

    3. All slaves (ko-lared/unko-lared) will greet all Free Persons individually
      when they enter the tavern and only then do they greet their fellow slaves.

    4. All slaves must speak in third they are slaves and
      do not own even the right to themselves..(i.e., he, she,or by her name).

    5. When entering the Jewel all slaves must perform at least one chore in the Tavern
      before being allowed to leave, even if there are no Free Persons present

    6. All Free Persons are to be treated with absolute respect by
      any and all slaves (ko-lared/unko-lared) as they are the Masters/
      Mistresses and a slave is only a slave. If there is a problem
      with a Free Person, the slave will continue to show them the utmost
      respect and let the Ubar, Ubara or First Sword handle the Free Person.
      **A slave will always have the last words in any dispute with a Free Person:
      those words will be "yes Master"**

    7. If a slave wishes to whisper to a Free Person they must receive
      permission publicly first.

    8. Slaves will NOT cut and paste their serves or positions at any time.
      Any slave caught c&ping will be subject to harsh discipline.
      (the exception only will be in the case of dances)

    9. All slaves must beg permission to leave the tavern. If a Free Person is
      not present at the time the slave begs to leave, they must repeat the
      request three times (in the event a Free Person is there but busy)
      with at least one minute between each request.
      If permission is not granted after the third request the slave may leave.

    10. If you are new slave to is within your best interest to let
      the Free Persons present know as soon as possible as you will be treated
      like a trained slave otherwise. Further, once you have stated that you are new
      it would be wise for you to kneel on the serving furs and watch and learn
      before attempting to serve.

    11. No slave is better than another, thus these rules apply to all slaves
      who enter the tavern whether they are tavern slaves ({JGT}), unko-lared slaves
      or slaves wearing a Master's ko-lar.. this includes slaves from other taverns
      or home stones that have come to visit.

    12. FREE WOMEN beware although you are treasured on Gor your freedom is still subject
      to the Gorean Male’s desires. So mind that your manners are those of a Free Woman
      and not a pending slave.

    13. All Gorean Cybering/CyberSex must take place in the Alcoves and not in the Tavern itself.

    14. *Very Important* Once ANYONE has made a Public post in the Tavern
      (Any Post--whether Intentional or Not!) they are then Considered *IN* the Tavern
      and Must abide by All the rules listed above!!

Please direct Any questions to the Tavern Keepers!

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