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Money & Measures

Tarsk bit (noun): a copper coin worth from 1/10 to 1/4 of a copper tarsk, depending on the city which mints the coin.

Tarsk (noun): copper coin that is the whole coin of least value, equalling 10 tarsk bits.

Tarsk, silver (noun): a coin worth 100 copper tarsks.

Tarn disk, copper (noun): a unit of currency.

Tarn disk, gold (noun): a unit of currency, of the highest value on Gor; also made in double- weight; many cities on Gor mint their own money, but the gold tarn disk of Ar is the standard for much of Gor.

Hort (noun): a measure of distance equal to 1- 1/4 inches.

Ah-il (noun): a unit of measure, the distance from the elbow to the tip of the middle finger, c. 18"; analogous to the Earth cubit; 10 ah-il equal one ah-ral.

Ah-ral (noun): a unit of measure equaling 10 ah-il, or approx. 180".
pasang (noun): measure of distance equalling .7 miles.

Talu (noun): a unit a measure equalling 2 gallons.

Tef (noun): a unit of measure, consisting of a handful of whatever produce (such as dates) is being weighed; 6 tefs equal one tefa.

Tefa (noun): 1) a unit of measure equalling 6 tefs, or handfuls; 5 tefas equal 1 huda; 2) a small basket.

Huda (noun): a unit of measure equalling 5 tefa.

Weight (noun: a unit of measurement equal to 10 Stone, or 40 Earth pounds.

Ihn (noun): the Gorean second, of which there are 80 in an ehn (minute)

Ehn (noun): the Gorean minute, of which there are 40 in an ahn (hour); it consists of 80 ihn (seconds)

Ahn (noun): the Gorean hour, of which there are 20 in a Gorean day; it consists of 40 ehn (minutes)

Tenth ahn (noun): tenth 'hour', the Gorean noon.

Twentieth ahn (noun): twentieth 'hour', the Gorean midnight.

Hand (noun): the Gorean week, consisting of five (5) days.

Passage Hand (noun): the 5-day period between Gorean months, which consist of 5 5- day weeks.

Waiting Hand (noun): the 5-day period between the 12th Passage Hand and the beginning of the New Year, which begins on the Vernal Equinox.


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