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slave Positions


This is the most common, standard Gorean kneel. as the word Nadu means just that: To Kneel

"she gracefully allows herself to flow into a kneel at her Masters feet, she tucks her legs underneath her and plants her firm, taut bottom upon her heels and crosses her ankles. she parts her creamy thighs wide for her Masters pleasure as she rolls her shoulders back and straightens her back which thrusts her breasts outward..sucking her soft, feminine belly in she tilts her head proudly, placing her hands on her bent knees...palms pointed upwards. she lowers her eyes in respect..."

a girl lays face down on the floor with her hands behind her back ...wrists crossed...she straightens her legs...ankles crossed ...head turned to the left, ready to be bound or disciplined

immediately she falls to the floor, face down ...forehead resting flat on the surface ...arms at her sides ..legs widely spread ...she crawls to the Master on her belly

Bracellets or Chaining
she stands beautifully as a slave girl ...her hips foot slightly in front of the other ...back erect ..wrists behind back and crossed ...head left....ready to be braceletted

the girl is pulled beneath the Master,placing her in position to be sexually used

the girl gets down on all fours, her palms to elbows flat on the floor, buttocks in the air, forehead close but not touching the floor...she crawls to just an inch from the Master's feet

Display Position
she kneels her ankles crossed...her legs parted widely for the Master's pleasure....her back and shoulders are straight...her breasts are thrust forward...belly in...hands on her thighs ...palm up...her head is up and her eyes are lowered

Gorean Bow
the girl kneels in nadu position, she bends her body backwards, her head to the floor, she places her hands by her head, and pulls up into a back bend. (this position is very painful to maintain for longer than 5 min hence it is generally used as a position of punishment)

Classic Gorean Sex position
the slave falls to the floor upon all fours, and keeps her head straight, her eyes looking forward, with her buttocks thrust upward and her thighs widely spread in preparation for the sexual use of the Master

the slave stands, her feet flat on the floor, and bows gracefully at the waist, that her hair might fall forward for display, or to be shorn, seized, or used for any purpose that the Master desires

the slave goes to the Master and kneels behind and to his left heel and awaits further orders.... Note: if the Master is right handed go to his left, if he is left handed go to his right

Ko Lar, or Collaring Position
also called "The Position of Female Submission." this position the slave kneels at the Master's feet and leans her body back, sitting upon her heels, with her arms extended upward, crossed at the wrists, and her head beneath them lowered in supplication

Leading Position
the girl walks behind the Master, places her hands behind her back, crossed at the wrist, and puts her head to Master's hip

from the Gorean word Lesha, which translates as "leash." this position, the slave remains either standing or kneeling, depending upon the current position she is in....she turns and puts her back to her Master, her chin up, her head turned to the left so a leash may be attached to her collar, with her chin up and her back and shoulders straight...her wrists are extended behind her, side by side, in a position to be locked into chained slave bracelets

Leasha (kneeling)
the slave kneels quickly spreading her thighs wide, arches her back stiffly and places her hands, wrists crossed, at the small of her back, turns her head to the left with eyes lowered submissively, lips parted slightly and awaits the leash or inspection.

Leasha (standing)
the slave stands with feet shoulder-width apart, wrists crossed at the small of her back, head held high and turned to the left, lips slightly parted and eyes lowered submissively awaiting the leash or inspection

Master's kiss
the Master takes her hair in his hand and yanks back her head hard as he pulls back on her hair exposing her neck and face to him....He attacks her lips with his own kissing her passionently and powerfully, taking her top lip in his teeth he bites down on it and then takes her bottom lip and sucking on it bites down on it as well as he continues to kiss her.... He then kisses her exposed neck, and drags his tongue across her neck and into the warmth.

she lays face down before the Master ...placing her soft cheek against his feet ..kissing them lightly

the slave kneels and touches her forehead to the floor and stretches her arms out before her with palms face down and fingers spread

the slave runs toward her objective...taking short rapid steps, with her legs almost straight, her feet hardly leaving the she moves her back is straight, her head is turned to the left, and her arms are at her sides, her palms facing outward at a 45 degree angle to her body....upon reaching her objective she drops gracefully to her knees and typically resumes the position of nadu

the girl moves to her knees and elbows...her hands interlocked over her head.... her buttocks in the air...ready for either being beaten on the buttocks or being taken from behind like an animal (this position is used to punish slaves and not bring pleasure to them.. It treats her like a receptical to be used by the Master as he will.)

Slaver's Kiss
with quick obedience, the girl moves to the floor on all fours ...her head lowered to the ground ...buttocks high in the air ...thighs widely spread ...her slaves heat exposed...waiting for the kiss of the whip

Slave lips
a girl turns her head up to the Master ..she puckers her moistened lips ...and remains motionless unable to move until his kiss releases her Submission

she lays on her back ,against the furs ...her hands at her sides, palms open and up ...her legs are spread widely apart...ready for sex or bondage or control

with her back on the floor ...her hands at her sides, palms open and up ...her legs are spread widely apart...ready for sex or bondage or control ...she lifts her hips off the floor slowly for the Masters pleasure

she slips down to all fours, her back straight, her legs parted, hands perpendicular to her body, palms flat upon floor, her hair pulled off over the left shoulder. (the slave may now be used as a table or foot rest)

Towerslave position
she kneels, body erect....head up..eyes lowered..chest out....thighs closed....tummy in.....hands on thighs palms down...thi is typically reserved for underage or white-silk slavegirls, or slavegirls who serve their Master in a non-sexual way, such as a Tower Slave or female Work Slave

when this command is given, the slave turns in a graceful pirouette, her hair swinging...she then walks, gliding across the room, her feet hardly seeming to leave the floor, her hips swaying sensually, her body erect and proud....when she reaches her objective she halts and stands, her body erect, her shoulders back, her chest thrust forward, her belly in...she turns her hip out a bit, her hands at her sides, and points one foot....her head is up and her eyes are lowered

Whipping Position
kneels in nadu position.....head to floor, arms stretched out in front..crossed at the pulled over the head



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