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Types of slaves

These are slaves, female and male respectively. There are many types of slaves to be found, however, the most common at the Inn is the common kajira, a multipurpose personal slave, and the female Inn slave. These slaves are referred to as kettle and mat slaves. In other word, they do everything from serve as scullery, to cooking, serving, and warm Master's furs at night. Pleasure slaves are often referred to in talks, but actually are not that common. Just because a slave is used for pleasure, that does not qualify her as a pleasure slave. However. the term is in common use now, as any female slave are given the basic instruction in how to serve as a sexual slave.

Pleasure Slave:
A slave specially taught the arts of pleasure. A true pleasure slave knows the position of a slave, many dances, how to cook, serve, and how to make love to a man..all with superb skill. However, the house that trains such tends to put it's special flavor to a girl, many prefer to train their own slaves, rather then have the girl they owned trained like a dog unthinkingly. (Assassin of Gor , the fifth book has many details on the training, but other titles i.e. Slave Girl of Gor, Kajira of Gor and Dancer of Gor also should be studied to get a complete picture)

Passion Slave:
A girl, not trained, but Bred specifically for sex. No Earth girl is EVER a passion slave. It inconceivable and impossible. No passion slave is ever taken to Earth either. Passion slaves are almost never freed. Passion slaves breed true, and their children are marked with the mark of the house that bred them. In this way they are easily identified.. Male passion slaves are harder to identify, except that they are uncommonly beautiful and almost always have a club foot (inherited from the mother). DO NOT claim to be a passion slave, unless you have seriously studied Gor.

Bond Maid:
The term for a slavegirl used in Torvaldsland, also called a girl who's belly lies under the sword. Jarls do not enslave the women of Torvaldsland. They are raiders, much like the Urth Vikings, their women siezed by the enemy. Those of Torvaldsland draw a bondsmaid circle, a woman may enter of her own free will or be thrown there, bound by custom, hence becoming a bondmaid, or slave. Also, the girls are not locked in the typical locked Gorean collar, instead, a simple black band is hammered into a half circle, the girl lays her neck into it, then it is formed the rest of the way, hammered and bolted shut. So, like the Urth Vikings, they are pillaged or taken by sword.

Coin Girl:
A slavegirl, who, with a coinbox and a triangular flat bell chained around her neck, is sent out in the streets to earn money from Masters in return for her sexual use.

Display Slave:
A slavegirl who's primary purpose is for the display of her beauty to reflect the affluence of her Master; often chained in coffle with other display slaves behind the palaquin or other transport of her Master.

Pierced Ear Slave:
A slavegirl who's ears have been pierced. As piercing a girls ears is considered the "ultimate" degradation, it virtually guarantees that the girl will never be freed. The practice first became popular in Turia, but has gained acceptance in the Northern cities.

Silk Slave: (kajirus)
A male slave, utilized by FreeWomen as sexual toys. Typically such slaves are quite handsome, even "pretty" by male standards. These slaves are sometimes effeminate in behaviour, though most often they are more virile in appearance and action, due to the fact that most Gorean FreeWomen prefer to be served by manly and quite masculine males. This is, however, a dangerous tendancy, since such males are often more difficult to control and handle. There is a city ordinance in Ar, which restricts the sexual use or "couching" of such slaves by FreeWomen, due to the widespread belief that the physical charms of a precious FreeWomen are reserved only for the Free.



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