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Gorean Dictionary



Camerius - (noun): the third month of the Gorean calendar

Camisk - (noun): simple, poncho-like slave garment, about 18" wide

Camisk, Turian - (noun): a style of camisk worn by slaves in the city-state of Turia; cloth shaped like an inverted 'T' with a beveled crossbar fastened behind the neck & falls before the wearer's body; the crossbar then passes between her legs & is then brought forward snugly at the hips ; it is held in place by a single cord that binds it at the back of the neck, behind the back, & in front at the waist

Canjellne - (verb): challenge

Capture Scent - (noun): chloroform

Carpet Plant - (noun): a plant of the rainforest area inland of Schendi, having tendrils that are sometimes used as a source of drinking water

Casmu Band - (noun): a sub-group of the Yellow-Kaiila Riders

Chain Luck - (noun): the attempt to capture a slavegirl without having a particular target in mind

Chalwar - (noun): baggy pants of diaphanous silk, worn by slavegirls of the Tahari; similar to the harem trousers of Earth

Char - (noun): a minor tribe of the Tahari; they are a vassal tribe of the Kavars

Chatka - (noun): the strip of black leather, some 6 inches by 5 feet long, worn like a breech- clout over the curla by the slavegirls of the Wagon Peoples

Cities of Dust - (noun): the Gorean land of the dead, or underworld

Coin Girl - (noun): a slavegirl who, with a coinbox and triangular flat bell chained around her neck, is sent out in the streets of a city to earn money from masters in return for her sexual use

Coffle - (noun): a method of chaining a line of slaves together for trekking; common methods are to link the slaves by the left ankle, left wrist, or throat; also, the line of slaves itself

Collar - (noun): any of several iron or steel devices that fit around the neck of a slave; in Torvaldsland, they are of iron, hinged, and fastened with a rivet

Collar, Dance - (noun): a collar to which lightweight (but effective) chain has been attached in order to set off the dancer; a common type consists of a large oval of chain roughly 3 yds. in circumference, to which wrist cuffs and ankle cuffs are attached; once the two sides of the oval have been attached to a ring on the collar, the chain gives about 36" of play for each hand, and 18" play for each foot; much used in the Tahari

Collar, Lock - (noun): a hinged collar easily removed by the use of a key; usually of flat stock, c. 1-1/2" to 2" high; usually worn by trained slaves; the lock has one pin for each of the letters in the word 'kajira'

Collar, Plate - (noun): collar of flat stock which is hammered about a slave's neck; usually worn by untrained slaves

Collar, Turian - (noun): a slave collar of cylindrical stock, rather than the normal flat stock of northern lock collars; fits more loosely that a lock collar, enabling it to turn around the wearer's neck

Collaring Feast - (noun): a private feast for a young tarnsman and his family and friends; held to celebrate the capture of his first slavegirl; during it, the girl formally submits to him as his slave, then proceeds to serve him at the Feast and afterwards in his quarters

Companionship Price - (noun): the gift, in money or goods, given by a man to the father of the woman he wishes to take in Free Companionship

Con - (conj.): from

Contasta - (adv.; lit. 'from the founding of'): means of determining chronology; equivalent to the Earth term AD (Anno Domini)

Council of Captains - (noun): the governing body of the city of Port Kar

Curla - (noun): the red waist cord worn slave- girls of the Wagon Peoples; supports the chatka

Cur-lon Fibre - (noun): fiber spun by the Swamp Spiders (Spider People) and used in the textile mills of Ar

Curulean - (noun): the most prestigious slave auction house in the city of Ar

Czehar - (noun): musical instrument consisting of a flat, oblong box, having 8 strings which are played with a horn pick; similar to a Japanese koto


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