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Gorean Dictionary



Da - (conj.): here

Dar - (adj.): holy; priest

Dar-kosis - (noun; lit. 'holy disease'): an incurable, wasting disease akin to the Earth disease of leprosy

Degradation Stripe - (noun): a 2"-wide band shaved into the hair of men captured by talunas, or panther girls; it runs from the forehead to the nape of the neck

Dina - (noun): a small, short-stemmed flower indigenous to hillsides; sometimes called the 'slave flower', it is often used as a design for slave brands; sometimes used as a slave name

Display Slave - (noun): a slavegirl whose primary purpose is for the display of her beauty to reflect the affluence of her master; often chained in coffle with other display slaves behind the palanquin or other transport of her master

Dock Eel - (noun): a black freshwater fish, 4' long & weighing 8-10 lbs.; carnivorous; they inhabit the shallow waters around the dock and wharves of river ports

Double Knowledge - (noun): the two forms of knowledge provided on Gor; the simpler knowledge is taught to the lower castes, the more esoteric knowledge is taught to the higher castes

Dust Legs - (noun): a tribe of Red Savages which inhabits the Barrens; so called because they were the last tribe to domesticate kaiila


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