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Gorean Dictionary



Ehn - (noun): the Gorean minute, of which there are 40 in an ahn (hour); it consists of 80 ihn (seconds)

En - (adj.): first

Energy Bulb - (noun): light bulb

En-kara - (noun; lit. 'first turning'): the first month of the Gorean calendar, that of the vernal equinox, which is the Gorean new year; roughly equivalent to the Earth calendar month of March

En-var - (noun; lit. 'first resting'): the fourth month of the Gorean calendar, that of the summer solstice, roughly equivalent with the Earth calendar month of June

Eta - (noun): a letter of the Gorean alphabet; corresponds to the Earth letter 'E' (?); apparently adapted from the Greek alphabet; sometimes used as a name for slavegirls


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