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Gorean Dictionary



Face-strip - (verb): to remove the veil(s) worn by a free woman; to do so usually means that she is to be enslaved

Fighting Hearts - (noun): see All Comrades

Fire-maker - (noun): a small device consisting of a small reservoir of tharlarion oil, a wick, a thumb-activated, ratcheted steel wheel, and a splinter of flint; not unlike an old-fashioned cigarette lighter

First Knowledge - (noun): the education available to the lower castes, such as the Peasants.

Flahdah - (noun): a tree of the Tahari having lanceolate leaves; the trunk leans, like that of a palm tree

Flame Death - (noun): a form of capital punishment imposed by the Priest-Kings and triggered from the Sardar; in it, the victim seems to spontaneously erupt in blue flames

Flaminium - (noun): a largish scarlet flower having 5 petals

Fleer - 1) (noun): large, hook-billed bird which hunts at night; (noun): a tribe of Red Savages which inhabits the Barrens; 2) Fleer, Prairie-(noun): yellow bird with long wings and a sharp bill; sometimes called the 'maize bird' or 'corn bird' from the belief that it is usually the first bird to find food

Foot - (noun); a unit of measurement equal to 10 horts, or 12 1/2 Earth inches

Fora - (noun): chain; pl. fori - chains

Frame of Humiliation - (noun): wooden frame to which the condemned person is tied before it is set adrift in the Vosk River, so that he may die of exposure and/or dehydration, if he is not eaten by tharlarion or other carnivorous reptiles

Free Companion - (noun): spouse; consort

Free Companionship - (noun): the Gorean equivalent of marriage; must be renewed annually

Fruit Tindel - (noun): a bird which inhabits the rainforests of the Schendi area


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