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Gorean Dictionary



Gant - 1) Jungle:(noun): a bird, related to the marsh gant, which inhabits the rainforests inland of Schendi; 2) Marsh: (noun): a long-legged marsh bird with a piping cry; similar to an Earth curlew

Giani - (noun): a large mammal of solitary habits which inhabits the rainforests inland of Schendi

Gieron - (noun): a drug, an allergen, which causes a yellowing of the whites of the eyes; in combination with sajel, it reproduces the symptoms of the Bazi plague

Gim - 1) Horned:(noun): a small owl-like bird, c. 4 ozs. in weight, which inhabits the forests of northern Gor; 2) Lang: (long?) (noun): an insectivorous bird which inhabits the rainforests inland of Schendi; 3) Yellow: (noun): a colored variety of the bird, related to the horned gim, which inhabits the rainforests inland of Schendi

Gint - (noun): a tiny (6") freshwater fish which inhabits the rivers of the rainforests inland of Schendi; it has bulbous eyes & flipper-like fins; is amphibious, having both lungs & gills; is capable of walking on its pectoral fins; often found in the company of tharlarion, feeding off the scraps of their kills

Gint, Giant - (noun): a large cousin of the gint found in western Gor, similar in appearance, but with a 4-spined dorsal fin; is also amphibious and capable of walking on its pectoral fins

Girl-Yoke - (noun): a narrow piece of wood c. 5' long with holes drilled in the middle and at each end; to secure a girl in this yoke, a thong is tied around one wrist, the end of the thong then being passed through the hole in one end of the yoke; thon is then passed through the middle hole of the yoke, wrapped around the girl's neck 5 times, then passed back out through the same hole, after which it is passed through the hole at the other end of the yoke, so that her other wrist may be tied to the yoke; shorter (2 1/2' long) versions are sometimes used while the girl is serving her master's pleasure; used mostly among the Red Savages of the Barrens

Glass of the Builders - (noun): telescope

Golden Beetle - (noun): an insect, roughly the size of a rhinoceros, which lives in the caverns below the Nest of the Priest-Kings in the Sardar Mountains; its prey is the Priest-Kings themselves

Gor - (noun): Home Stone

Gort, Hook-billed - (noun): a carnivorous hunting bird of the rainforests inland of Schendi; preys on ground urts

Grub Borer - (noun): an insectivorous bird which inhabits the rainforests inland of Schendi

Grunt - 1) (noun): a large, carnivorous, salt-water fish which inhabits Thassa; is often attracted by the blood of a wounded creature; similar to the shark of Earth; 2) Blue variety: (noun): a small, voracious, carnivorous freshwater fish, related to the Thassa grunt; like its larger cousin, it is attracted by blood

Gur - (noun): thin, white honey-like liquid secreted in the Nest by a large, grey domesticated arthropod which feeds on Sim plants; when fermented in the social stomachs of somnolent Priest-Kings, ritually fed to the Mother of the Nest on the Feast of Tola

Gur Carriers - (noun): mutated Muls who can climb walls and who gather the fermented Gur for the Feast of Tola


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