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Gorean Dictionary



hand - (noun): the Gorean week, consisting of five (5) days

Harl Ring - (noun): form of slave chain which consists of an ankle ring with a welded ring in back and a chain in front; the chains terminate in a locking device which can be attached to another Harl ring, around a post, or to itself in order to secure a slave

Har-ta! - (command): faster!

Haruspex - (noun): soothsayer; omen-taker

Herlit - (noun): Gorean eagle, has wingspan of 6-8 feet; is carnivorous, and has yellow feathers tipped with black; also called 'Sun-Striker' or 'out-of-the-sun-it-strikes', from its habit of striking with the sun above and behind it; inhabits the Barrens

Hersius - (noun): the planet Jupiter; named for a legendary hero of Ar

Hinti - (noun, plural): small, flea-like insects; unlike fleas, they are not parasites

Hith - (noun): huge python-like snake

Homan - (noun): a letter of the Gorean alphabet; derived from the Cretan alphabet

Home Stone - (noun):1) a stone, often circular and flat, that is sacred to each dwelling, and is to be defended ferociously by even the meanest peasant; 2) a similar stone that represents the soul of a city; to be without a Home Stone is to lack citizenship

Hort - (noun): a measure of distance equal to 1- 1/4 inches

House Veil - (noun): the next-to-last veil worn by free women, esp. when in the company of men not of her own family; worn over the pride veil, and under the street veil upon leaving the house

Huda - (noun): a unit of measure equalling 5 tefa

Hurt - (noun): a kangaroo-like animal whose wool is used for cloth


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