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Gorean Dictionary




I ask your favor - (phrase): Gorean phrase equivalent to 'Please'

I wish you well - (phrase): Gorean phrase of farewell

Ihn - (noun): the Gorean second, of which there are 80 in an ehn (minute)

Ina - (noun): a letter of the Gorean alphabet

Inititates, Caste of - (noun): the representa- tives of the Priest-Kings in Gorean society; the Initiates are one of the five High Castes, and are the religious branch of the government; their caste color is white

Initiatory whipping - (noun): the beating, usually of about 10 strokes, which a slavegirl receives upon being brought into a new house- hold, to remind her that she is a slave and under discipline

Iron pens - (noun): the subterranean retention facilities in a Slaver's house where slaves are kept for training and prior to sale

Isbu Band - (noun): a sub-group of the All Comrades


jard - (noun): a small, yellow-winged scavenger bird of the rainforest inland of Schendi

jarl - (noun): the title for a leader of warriors in Torvaldsland; also, the title by which all free men of Torvaldsland are addressed by slaves

jit monkey - (noun): a simian mammal which inhabits the rainforests inland of Schendi


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