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Gorean Dictionary



La - (phrase; fem): I am; you are

Lar - (adj.): central

Larl - (noun): a large (7 ft. at shoulder) feline, tawny red or black in color, having a black mane; carnivorous; similar to a lion

Larma - (noun): succulent fruit, rather like an apple; sometimes sliced and fried, and served with browned-honey sauce; offering a larma, real or imagined, by a slavegirl to her master is a silent plea for the girl to be raped

Lar-Torvis - (noun; lit. 'central fire'): the sun

Last veil - (noun): the innermost of the five veils worn by free women; it is worn under the veil of the citizeness, and is often very sheer

Leading position - (noun; used as a command): posture of a slave girl, bending forward at the waist, with her head at a master's hip, so that he may grab her hair and guide her where he wishes her to go

Leech plant - (noun): a hemovorous plant that fastens two hollow, fang-like thorns into its victim, through which it can suck the blood that nourishes it

Leg-spreader - (noun): devices of various complexity designed to keep a slavegirl's legs spread while being used sexually by her master(s); sometimes used on male captives as an indication of humiliation; used mostly among the Red Savages of the Barrens

Lelt - (noun): a small (5-7") blindfish with fernlike filaments at either side of the head which are its sensory organs; white with long fins, it swims slowly, and is the main food of the salt shark; inhabits the brine pits such as those at Klima in the Tah

Lesha - (command; lit. 'leash'): at this command, the slavegirl stands with her hands behind her back, ready for binding, and with her head back and chin to the left, ready to have a leash snapped onto her collar

Liana vine - (noun): a rainforest plant which can be used as a source of drinking water

Lit - 1) common (noun): a bird found in the rainforests of the Schendi area; 2) crested (noun): a bird found in the rainforests of the Schendi area

Lo - (phrase; masc.): I am; you are

Long ship - (noun): a swift, maneuverable ship having 2 rudders, 1 removable lateen-rigged mast, and a keel-to-beam ratio of 8:1; often used in military actions; some are fitted as ram-ships

Love Feast - (noun): common name for the 5th Passage Hand, occuring in late summer, which time is the greatest period for the sale of slaves, esp. slavegirls

Love furs - (noun): soft furs spread thickly on the floor at the foot of a master's sleeping couch, on which a slavegirl is most often raped

Luck Girl - (noun): a slavegirl who acts as mascot onboard ship; her use is usually reserved for the captain of the ship, but she may be shared with the crew, usually as a disciplinary measure

Luraz - (noun): a minor tribe of the Tahari; they are a vassal tribe of the Aretai


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