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Gorean Dictionary




Quala - (noun): small, dun-colored, 3-toed mammal with a stiff, brushy mane of black hair; plural: qualae

Quarrel - (noun): small arrow of the crossbow; initial velocity is the better part of a pasang per second.

Quiva - (noun): balanced saddle knife, about a foot in length, double edged; it tapers to a daggerlike point; is regarded, on the whole, as more of a missile weapon than a hand knife; are wrought in the smithies of Ar.


Ram-berries - (noun): small, succulent berries

Ram-ship - (noun): war galley, having up to 3 banks of oars as well as masts and sails; named for the battering rams on the prow

Rarius - (noun; pl.rarii): warrior

Raviri - (noun): a minor tribe of the Tahari; they are a vassal tribe of the Aretai

Ravishment lamp - (noun): a small tharlarion- oil lamp, found in the chamber of a master; its soft glow is sufficient to illuminate a slavegirl as she is raped

Red Hunters - (noun): the peoples who inhabit the Gorean arctic; in appearance and culture, they are similar to the Eskimos of Earth

Red Savages - (noun): the peoples to inhabit the plains area (Barrens) of Gor; in appearance and culture, they are similar to the American Indians of Earth

Rence - (noun): a tufted, reed-like plant that grows in the marshes; used for making paper; from the root comes wooden tools and utensils; from the stem comes reed boats, sails, mats, cords and a kind of fibrous cloth - pith is edible; staple in rence growers diet edible both raw and cooked

Rence beer - (noun): steeped, boiled and fermented from crushed seeds and the whitish pith of the rence plant.

Rence paper - (noun): papyrus; there are 8 grades

Rence paste - (noun): wet; when fried on a flat stone it makes a kind of cake, often sprinkled with rence seeds

Rep - 1) (noun): a fiber plant similar to cotton; 2) (Var.) repcloth (noun): rough fabric woven from the fibers of the rep plant; analogous to cotton muslin

Repcloth - (noun): rough fabric woven from the fibers of the rep plant; analogous to cotton muslin

River Shark - (noun): a narrow, black, vicious, carnivorous fish with a triangular dorsal fin, which inhabits the rivers of Gor

Robes of Concealment - (noun): the mode of dress favored by free women in some of the larger city-states (i.e. Ar, Ko-ro-ba, Turia, etc.); it consists of one or more hooded robes of heavy brocade, or other opaque fabric, plus up to five face veils

Round ship - (noun): heavy cargo & passenger ships, having up to 3 banks of 10 oars to a side; not as swift or maneuverable as ramships, having a keel-to-beam ratio of 6:1; has 2 rudders, and 2 permanent, lateen-rigged masts; carries a crew of 20-25 free men, plus up to 200 oar-slaves


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