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Gorean Dictionary




Tabor - (noun): a small drum

Tabuk- (noun): a kind of antelope, being yellow in color and having a single horn

Tajuks - (noun): a minor tribe of the Tahari; they are a vassal tribe of the Aretai

Ta'Kara - (noun): a minor tribe of the Tahari; they are a vassal tribe of the Kavars

Tal - (noun): greetings; often accompanied with a salute performed by raising the right hand to shoulder level, palm inward

Talender - (noun): delicate, yellow-petaled meadow flower, symbolic of feminine love and beauty; a crown of talendars is often worn by a free woman during the Companionship ceremoney; worn in a slavegirl's hair, it is a silent plea for her to be raped

Talmit - (noun): headband

Talu - (noun): a unit a measure equalling 2 gallons

Taluna - (noun; lit. 'panther girl'): a free woman who lives as a hunter in small tribes of 15-100 members; they roam the northern forests of Gor

Tar - (preposition): to

Tar-Sardar-Gor - (lit. 'To the Priest-Kings of Gor'): ritual phrase recited during the pre- banquet libation in which a few grains of meal, colored salt, and a few drops of wine are placed in a fire; the equivalent of saying grace

Tarn - (noun): crested, hawk-like bird large enough to be ridden; used in battle and in racing

Tarn cot - (noun): building in which domes- ticated tarns are housed

Tarn disk, copper - (noun): a unit of currency

Tarn disk, gold - (noun): a unit of currency, of the highest value on Gor; also made in double- weight; many cities on Gor mint their own money, but the gold tarn disk of Ar is the standard for much of Gor

Tarn goad - (noun): an electrical device, much like a cattle prod, used for controlling tarns; is c. 20" long

Tarn ship - (noun): a type of ram-ship, being long and narrow, with a shallow draft, a straight keel, a single lateen-rigged mast, and a single bank of oars; at the prow, below the waterline, is a ram shaped like a tarn's head; it also carries light catapults, shearing blades, and other weaponry

Tarn wire - (noun): razor wire strung between the walls of a city to protect it from aerial attack

Tarna - (noun): daughter

Tarsk - (noun): a) porcine animal akin to the Earth pig, having a bristly mane which runs down its spine to the base of the tail; b) copper coin that is the whole coin of least value, equalling 10 tarsk bits

Tarsk, giant - (noun): large cousin of the tarsk, standing 10 hands high at the shoulder

Tarsk, silver - (noun): a coin worth 100 copper tarsks

Tarsk bit - (noun): a copper coin worth from 1/10 to 1/4 of a copper tarsk, depending on the city which mints the coin

Tashid - (noun): a minor tribe of the Tahari; they are a vassal tribe of the Aretai

Tassa powder - (noun): a reddish powder, usually mixed with red wine, which renders the consumer unconscious

Tassna - (noun): mother

Tasta - (noun): founding, as of a city

Ta-Teera - (noun): a one-piece, sleeveless, short slave garment; similar to a slave tunic, but more ragged and revealing; often referred to as the 'slave rag'

Ta-Thassa - (phrase; lit. 'to the sea'): ritual phrase invoked during a libation offering of wine, oil, and salt made to Thassa

Tatrix - (noun): title of the female ruler of the city of Tharna

Tau - (noun): a letter of the Gorean alphabet; corresponds to the Earth letter 'T'

Tef - (noun): a unit of measure, consisting of a handful of whatever produce (such as dates) is being weighed; 6 tefs equal one tefa

Tefa - (noun): 1) a unit of measure equalling 6 tefs, or handfuls; 5 tefas equal 1 huda; 2) a small basket

Telekint - (noun): a plant of the Tahari; its roots, mashed & mixed with water, provide a red dye

Tem - (noun): a tree which produces a black wood that is very strong; ebony

Tenth ahn - (noun): tenth 'hour', the Gorean noon

Teslik - (noun): a plant whose extract is the active ingredient in breeding wine

Tharlarions - (noun): one of several types of large, carnivorous reptiles, some of which have been domesticated; it's fat is rendered to provide lamp oil; see also: mamba

Tharlarion, broad - (noun): sluggish tharlarion used as draft animals; herbivorous

Tharlarion, high - (noun): agile tharlarion used as a mount for riding; like T. rex, they have very short, almost useless, forelegs; carnivores

Tharlarion, river - (noun): extremely large, herbivorous, web-footed lizards used by bargemen of the Cartius River to pull barges

Tharlarion, rock - (noun): a small reptile of the Tahari

Tharlarion boots - (noun): high boots of soft leather worn by riders of high tharlarion to protect their legs from the abrasive hides of their mounts

Thassa - (noun): the sea

Third Knowledge - (noun): that which, if it exists, is reserved for the Priest-Kings

Thieves, Caste of - (noun): the caste of those who make their living by stealing, robbery, picking pockets, etc.; exists only in Port Kar

Ti - (noun): a minor tribe of the Tahari; they are a vassal tribe of the Aretai

Tibit - (noun): a small, thin-legged bird which lives on tiny mollusks found on the shores of Thassa; sandpiper

Tola, Feast of - (noun): the Priest-King festival celebrating the anniversary of the Nuptial Flight of the Mother

Tolam, Feast of - (noun): the Priest-King festival celebrating the anniversary of the Deposition of the First Egg

Tolama, Feast of - (noun): the Priest-King festival celebrating the anniversary of the Hatching of the First Egg

Toos - (noun): a crab-like organism with overlapping plating; inhabits the Nest and scavenges on discarded fungus spores

Tor - (noun): light

Tor-Tu-Gor - (noun; lit. 'light upon the Home Stone'): the sun

Torvis - (noun): fire

Tospit - (noun): a bitter, juicy citrus fruit

Tower Slave - (noun): a state slavegirl in any of the cities of Gor; her duties in the apartment cylinders are largely domestic; traditionally, she kneels with her knees together & with her wrists crossed in front of her, as if for binding

Tu - (noun): on; upon

Tu - (phrase): you are

Tuchuk - (noun): one of the four tribes of the Wagon Peoples; their standard is a representation of 4 bosk horns

Tufted fisher - (noun): a waterbird which inhabits the rivers of the rainforests inland of Schendi

Tumit - (noun): large flightless bird, about the size of an ostrich, having an 18'-long hooked beak; carnivorous

Tun - (noun): a letter of the Gorean alphabet; derived from demotic Egyptian

Tur - (noun): a reddish tree having a large trunk

Turia - (noun): a major city-state of Gor, located south of the equator; named for the single Tur tree found at the bank of the stream by which it was built; celebrates the New Year at the summer solstice; often referred to as the 'Ar of the South'

Tur-pah - (noun): an edible tree parasite with curly, red, ovate leaves; grows on the tur tree; a main ingredient in sullage

Twentieth ahn - (noun): twentieth 'hour', the Gorean midnight


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