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Gorean Dictionary




Ubar - (noun): war chief

Ubar san - (noun, lit. 'one ubar'): war chief chosen to be supreme commander of the 4 tribes of the Wagon Peoples

Ubara - (noun): the Free Companion (consort) of a ubar

Ubarate - (noun): the territory governed by a ubar

Ul - (noun): giant carnivorous pteradactyl

Urt - (noun): a small, silken-furred rodent akin to the Earth rat; it has three rows of teeth, two tusks, and two horns

Urt, Ground - (noun): a small rodent which inhabits the floor of the rainforests inland of Schendi

Urt, Leaf - (noun): a small tree-dwelling rodent, having 4 toes, which inhabits the rainforests inland of Schendi; tree sloth

Urt, Tree - (noun): a small tree-climbing rodent found in the rainforests inland of Schendi

Urt Soldiers - (noun): a warrior society of the Yellow Knife tribe of Red Savages


Val - (noun): a letter of the Gorean alphabet; derived from demotic Egyptian

Var - (noun): resting

Var - (conj.): where

Vart - (noun): blind, bat-like flying rodent, about the size of a small dog

Vart, Jungle - (noun): a relative of the northern vart, it inhabits the rainforests inland of Schendi

Veck - (verb): stand

Veil - (noun): a covering or coverings for the face, worn by free women in many city-states; up to five are worn see also: house veil, last veil, pride veil, street veil, veil of the citizeness

Veil of the citizeness - (noun): the second of the veils worn by free women; worn under the pride veil and over the last veil

Veminium - (noun): a bluish wildflower commonly found on the lower ranges of the Thentis mountains; used in perfumes

Veminium, desert - (noun): small, purplish flower found in the Tahari; used in perfumes

Verr - (noun): a mountain goat indigenous to the Voltai Mountains; wild, agile, ill-tempered, with long hair and spiraling horns; source of a form of wool; it milk is potable, as well as being used for cheese

Viktel - (noun): triumph

Vosk League - (noun): an alliance of 19 towns (Fina, Forest Port, Hammerfest, Iskander, Jasmine, Jort's Ferry, Point Alfred, Port Cos, Ragnar's Hamlet, Sais, Siba, Sulport, Tafa, Tancred's Landing, Tetrapoli, Turmus, Ven, Victoria, White Water) formed to keep the Vosk River clear of pirates & to promote trade

Voyages of Acquisition - (noun): voyages made to Earth by the Priest-Kings to gather biological samples; this perhaps accounts for the similarity in many animals, as well as in language and culture, between Earth and Gor

Vulo - (noun): a tawny-colored poultry bird, similar to a pigeon, which also exists in the wild; used for meat and eggs




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