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Gorean Dictionary




Wader, ring-necked - (noun): a variety of waterbird which inhabits the rivers of the rainforests inland of Schendi

Wader, yellow-legged - (noun): a variety of waterbird which inhabits the rivers of the rainforests inland of Schendi

Wagon Peoples - (noun): four nomadic tribes that wander the Plains of Turia with their immense herds of bosk

Waiting Hand - (noun): the 5-day period between the 12th Passage Hand and the beginning of the New Year, which begins on the Vernal Equinox

Walking chains - (noun): adjustable chains fastened on the ankles of a slavegirl to train her to walk with the length of stride preferred by her Master

Warriors, Caste of - (noun): the caste which includes infantry, tharlarion cavalry, and tarnsmen; one of the five High Castes which make up Gorean government, and as such the military branch of the government; their caste color is red

Warrior's Pace - (noun): a slow jog that can be maintained for hours

Weight - (noun: a unit of measurement equal to 10 Stone, or 40 Earth pounds

Whip Caress - (noun): see Slaver's Caress

Whip of the Furs - (noun): a method of disciplining slavegirls by rape rather than by flogging; esp. popular in Torvaldsland

Whip Knife - (noun): a whip with razors embedded in the tip

Wingfish - (noun): tiny blue salt-water fish with 4 poisonous spines on its dorsal fin; found in the waters off Port Kar; its liver is considered a delicacy in Turia



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