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Gorean Dictionary




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Yellow-Kaiila Riders - (noun): a warrior society of the Kaiila tribe of Red Savages

Yellow Knives - (noun): a tribe of Red Savages which inhabits the Barrens


Zad - (noun): a large, broad-winged, black-&- white bird with a long, narrow, yellowish, hooked beak, found in the Tahari; they scavenge on carrion; similar to the Earth vulture

Zad, Jungle - (noun): a cousin of the Tahari zad; found in the rainforest inland of Schendi

Zadit - (noun): a small, tawny-feathered, sharp- billed bird of the Tahari; insectivorous, feeding on sand flies and other similar insects; they often land a kaiila and spend long periods hunting the sand flies that infest the host animal

Zar - (noun): a boardgame of the Tahari; the board is marked like a Kaissa board, but the pieces - 9 per player, and called 'pebbles' - are placed at the intersections of the lines; movement is somewhat like that of checkers, but without capturing of pieces the object of the game is to effect a complete exchange of the original placement of the pieces

Zeder - (noun): a small, sleen-like, carnivorous mammal which inhabits the rainforests inland of Schendi, esp. along the Ua River; grows to c. 2' and weighs 8-10 lbs; is diurnal, can swim very well, & builds a stick-&-mud nest in the branches of a tree, where it spends the night

Zevar - (noun): a minor tribe of the Tahari; they are a vassal tribe of the Aretai



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