The Sand Pit is a place to settle differences in a Gorean fashion.

Feel like kicking the snot out of that Warrior that keeps hitting on your slave when your not around?

Feel like taking someone else's slave away and teaching him or her the true meaning of the collar?

Want to end the cyber-life of an enemy?

Perhaps you simply wish to spar or take gold or weapons away from a good friend.

In the Sand Pit you can do all these things and more!

The Pit is an 80 x 80 foot square frame made of 40 foot x 3 foot rounded timbers. In it you will find mostly sand. Some dried tharlarion dung might be in there or a small rock or two. Maybe a hidden skeleton from the Wagon Peoples.*WEG*

At each end of the pit is an eight foot tall stake used to bind slaves that are sometimes used as booty. These stakes are anchored in concrete.

Also there is a brazier with irons and a pleasure rack.

** NO!! unescorted Free Woman or kajira are EVER to enter the Pit!! **

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I have read the rules and understand the expectation of both my behavior and the nature of the interactions in the Jewel's Sand Pit Combat Area. I wish to ENTER


This is not where I want to be, I wish to EXIT

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