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Inn Duties at the
Jewel of Gleaming Thassa


1. The floors are to be swept and then scrubbed on your knees.

2. The fire pit to be cleaned and the fire rebuilt.

3. All tables to be washed, dried and polished.

4. All chairs to be washed, dried and polished.

5. The sand pit raked and fresh sand poured if needed.

6. The whipping posts to be wiped down, cleaned and oiled.

7. The windows are to be washed.

8. All furs are to be taken out beat clean and brought back in.

9. Make Sure there is plenty of wood in the Inn for the fire pit.

10. Everything will be dusted.

11. Check all candles and lamps.

12. All of the wood will be polished.


1. Make sure there is plenty of wood in the servery for the cooking fires.

2. Wash and check for chips all (footed Bowls, Goblets, Cups, mugs, plates etc.)

3. Wash and shine all trays.

4. Cook fresh meats, and slice fresh fruit.

5. Check all breads and cheese for mold.

6. Wash all cooking pots.


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