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Rules for Free People


- Respect the Room.

- Respect the Property of Others

- Respect Serves In Progress

- Respect the Roleplay Environment. You are in a Gorean Inn, not an AOL chat room.

- Try and reduce the A/all, W/we, T/them double letter habit. Again, this is a Gorean roleplay room, not a standard BDSM or D/s chatroom.

- All handles should be appropriate for the room. Any that are not, you will be asked to re-enter with a more fitting handle.

- FREE WOMEN beware! Although you are treasured on Gor your freedom is still subject to the Gorean Male’s desires. So mind that your manners are those of a Free Woman and not a potential slave.

- If a Jewel slave makes a general request when a Council Member is present, give them an opportunity to reply first. If they are busy, or none are present, then feel free.

- The Jewel is a No Capture
*, No Kill Zone unless the Council deems otherwise. (*this includes gift kolarings)

- Anyone disrespecting the room will be removed from Castle Chat, with or without warning.

- Council Members have final say in any and all room disputes. They may remove anyone, at any time, for any reason. Please bear that in mind when discussing any issues with them.


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