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Gorean Council

Tarnay is one of the original founders of the Jewel of Gleaming Thassa back some 9 years or so ago. Now the INN Keeper and a Council Member, she, along with the other Council Members, settle any and all disputes of the Jewel and ensure that the Gorean laws are followed to the enjoyment of its members and guests.

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is the First Sword of the Jewel of Gleaming Thassa. Adiron has walked the regions of Gor, fought in the battles of Ar, the wars of Torvaldsland, faced the Kuriis and stood along side the Red Headed Jarl. He has now sworn his sword and bow to the Jewel and may the Priest Kings help those who to try to go against him.


Cornelli is one of the Dark Caste. He lurks in the shadows of Jewel, watching. For a very heavy sum, he has been hired to protect the Jewel from some of its worst enemies, dealing with them in swift and accurate ways. He prizes the slaves of the Jewel, for they are his entertainment and no one messes with his entertainment.


, Mercenary and outlaw. Moved to the Jewel when it became obvious going home was not a good idea. He moves about the Jewel dropping in when you least expect it bring his own brand of humor and danger. Why is he on the Council you may ask? Its very simple, keep your friends close and the outlaws closer (so you know what they are up to).


Na'Tea is the Head Mistress of the Jewel of Gleaming Thassa and has been a part of the Jewel almost from its inception. She is in charge of all matters pertaining to the slaves, including training and discipline of Jewel ko-lared and un-ko-lared slaves that enter the Jewel. As a member of the Council she has earned the respect and defernce shown to not only a Free Woman of Gor but to one of very high caste.

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Please make sure you have read & understand the rules, Free and slave, for these rooms! All problems and issues are dealt with at the sole discretion of the above council.

ote that if you are removed from chat in Gor, you are also removed from posting anywhere else in the Castle until the issue has been resolved.

Do not expect "help" from any other Monitors or Castle patrons outside of Gor. By posting in the rooms you accept responsiblity to follow the rules even if you choose not to read them.

Ignorance of the rules will not be an acceptable reason to not follow them.


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