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Jewel Serves


Paga Serve

Smiling shyly at Master, she rises quickly before him on her long, curvy legs ... she turns, revealing golden curls of hair falling across her shoulders, and below that her back curves down to her thin waistline and then curves out around firm but well-rounded hips and ass. she pauses an ihn...

Then crossing the Inn's floor with the grace of a young she-sleen. her steps -- no more than an ah-il apart -- cause her bottom-side to sway side-to-side in a gentle, rocking motion... Reaching the servery, she raises a slender arm and brushes her cascading curls from her face, tucking a loose tendril behind an ear with a long, graceful fingernail with red-tint...

Looking up with her deep emerald eyes, she spies a bowl of the finest decor, appearing to rest upon three intricately carved feet, sitting on the very top shelf ... thinking surely it is a treasure worthy of touching her Master's lips, she stretches her lithe frame to retrieve it. Caressing it to a shine with her shimmering, soft hair, she watches him through lowered lids as she works, thinking of how she might sneak peeks at his sensuous lips as he drinks the Paga... as it slides past his tongue and down his throat....

Almost unconsciously, she slides her wet tongue across the rim of the bowl, searching out any imperfection that might distress her Master's precious mouth... With none to be found, she makes way to the hearth, and gently lifts the bota hanging there, placing her soft cheek on each one ... picking that of the most pleasing warmth, she carries it back to her Master's feet...

Sinking slowly to her knees before her Master, she parts them two ah-il and rests the fine bowl nearest her heat ... her hand, now free, deftly uncorks the bota with a satisfying >pop<, then captures her loose hair to one side in a fist, she leans over the goblet in a sideways fashion, slowly pouring the heated Paga onto her left breast, relishing the warmth as it slides across her skin and seemingly leaps from the tip of her nipple into the awaiting vessel...

A soft, barely audible moan escapes from her throat as she fills the bowl and recorks the bota, setting it to one side. the girl releases her hair and her hands dance slowly down past the edges of her gently heaving chest, down over her slave belly and to her inner thighs.. pausing only an ihn, she closes her eyes and wishes with her heart upon heart that it was her Master's skillful touch instead...

*her hands move to her knees and pushes them even farther apart, exposing more fully, her glistening sex. she grasps the Paga firmly in her right hand, and slides it over her heat, capturing a drop of the honey that yearns for her Master's attention across the rim. slightly trembling as the bowl slides over her most innermost being, she moves it up along her flat belly and softly between her full and aching breasts.

she holds it there, her thoughts willing her love for her Master to be enveloped within the warm refreshment, she brings the Paga to her slightly parted lips, and takes a slow slip, allowing the warm Paga to dance across her tongue and slide down her throat. she swallows the fluid, relishing the twinge it causes from within her, fanning the warmth that already burns...

*Feeling no ill effects from the drink, she now knows it is of a quality worthy of her Master's self. she kisses the rim, slowly, longingly, her tongue slipping out to feel for just one ihn, the object which soon will be upon her Master's mouth. Turning it towards him, she bows her head and raises the Paga to within Master's ease of reach...

"May this girl offer this drink to her Master, in hopes that it quenches his thirst and pleases Him?" she waits ... each ihn feeling like an ahn to her heavily beating heart.

Why is a serve important?
A serve is important because it is one of the most common action of a slave girl (or boy) in the public eye. It is the time for the slave to shine, to woo and seduce with words the Masters and Mistresses and show off a girl's skill and devotion to the serve. It is also a time for a slave girl to make her Master proud of her. There is nothing sweeter than one Master complimenting another Master on the actions of his slave.

The 7 basic steps of a serve:

1. Going to the serving area
2. Choosing/getting a drinking vessel
3. Cleaning the vessel
4. Getting/Preparing the drink
5. Returning to the Master
6. Kneeling position/posture
7. Actual serve

1. Going to the servery/serving area
This were you rise from where ever you are and walk to serving area. Many of the Inns have a website with a lay out of the Inn/bath house/oasis. It would help to know the layout of the place you are serving in because you could come up with very different beginnings to the serve, esp if you are outside versus being inside. For example:

- Weaving your way through the furs carefully to the servery...
- Padding quietly over the cool tile of the bathhouse...
- Walking through the sands to the serving tent...
- Moving swiftly from the dias, down the pathway, to kitchen area...

Also, this first pose will set the tone of the serve as will as get the attention of those in the room. Adding particulars about one's body movement and room bring your serve alive.

2. Choosing/getting a drinking vessel
Once you decide on the drinking vessel (goblet, bowl, mug or stein), you need to get it from the shelves. This is a good time to show off a bit of yourself - either as blatant or subtle as you wish. This girl likes to add eye-catching text to bring attention to her serve. Usually the vessel is up high or down low to add an effort to getting it.

3. Cleaning the vessel
Cleaning the vessel shows that you care about getting the best for the Master you are serving. You can clean the vessel with the repcloth or hem of your skins - examining it for imperfections.

4. Getting/Preparing the drink
This is one of the more intricate steps to a serve. Many of the drinks have their particular way of being prepared - iced goblet for kalana, warmed paga from a bota or a barrel, milk and sweet rocks or honey for blackwine. We will cover these particulars when we go over the most common drinks that are served.

5. Returning to the Master
Returning to the Master is also a time to show off and to focus the attention on you and the Master you serve. This alerts the Master that he is now coming to the center of your attention.

6. Kneeling position/posture
A pleasure slave kneels in nadu before the Master, displaying herself. She is openly seductive, sensual and submissive to the Master she is serving.

7. Actual serve
There are two parts to the actual serve - the physical motion and a spoken blessing. In the physical motion - the vessel must be brought to the slave's heart (to show devotion) and then to the lips for a kiss (and a sip, in some cases) to show that the drink is not poisoned and then to bow her head and offer up the vessel.

If a girl is redsilk, often she brings the vessel to her slave's heat (sex) first and then to the heart - however, if you mention your heat in a serve - be prepared to use it! It is a clear sign to all that you are a slave available for the Master's use. White silk or restricted slaves mention their heat in a serve -only- to their Master. The actual serve may take a couple of poses.


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