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Tal Free! Greetings slaves!
Welcome to the world of Gor at Beauty's Castle. Gor is a counter earth-based fantasy role-playing setting with a focus on the strict interactions between Free people and slaves.

Please make sure you have read & understand the rules, Free and slave, for these rooms! All problems and issues are dealt with at the sole discretion of the Gorean Council.

We recognize that it is impossible to strictly follow the ways of the books of John Norman verbatim. However, if you wish to come as close as possible,then continue onwards as these rooms follow unique interpretations on how things are and should be. Please note, that while other sites have different viewpoints, one must respect each sites *rooms* interpretations as they see it. If you disagree, then go on to another place until you find what you seek. Discussion is welcome, but not when it degrades or insults those who choose to be here.

Be welcomed here, learn our ways, and enjoy yourself! Yet be warned, Goreans have little tolerance for those who mock us, and those who misbehave to create trouble and drama. At the top of the pages of the rooms are buttons that will lead you back there for information about Gor. Ensure that you read them well if you are unsure how to conduct yourself, or are new and inexperienced to Gorean ways.

I have read the rules and understand the expectation of both my behavior and the nature of the interactions in the Jewel.
I wish to ENTER


This is not where I want to be, I wish to EXIT

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