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Gorean Dictionary




Paga - (noun; abbr. of Pagar-Sa-Tarna, lit. 'pleasure of the life-daughter'): a grain-based, distilled hard liquor akin to whiskey; sometimes served warm

Paga attendant - (noun): a male employee of a paga tavern, who supervises the serving of paga by slavegirls, and collects payment for the paga and the use of the slavegirls

Paga Tavern - (noun): an establishment where food and alcoholic beverages, esp. paga, are sold; in addition, the use of the serving slave is included in the price of the paga bought

Pagar - (noun): pleasure

Pagar Kajira - (noun): pleasure slave

Paravaci - (noun): one of the 4 tribes of the Wagon Peoples; also called the Rich People; their standard is a boskhead-shaped banner made of jewels strung on gold wire

Parsit fish - (noun): a silvery fish having brown stripes

Pasang - (noun): measure of distance equalling .7 miles

Passage Hand - (noun): the 5-day period between Gorean months, which consists of five 5-day weeks

Passion slave - (noun): a slavegirl who has been bred, rather captured; specifically, one that has been bred for a particular trait, such as beauty or slave heat or the shape of her lips

Peasants, Caste of - (noun): the basic caste of Gor; they refer to themselves as the 'Ox on Which the Home Stone Rests'

Physicians, Caste of - (noun): the caste which practices the healing arts; the Physicians are one of the five High Castes which make up the Gorean government; their caste color is green

Pierced-ear girl - (noun): a slavegirl whose ears have been pierced; as piercing a girl's ears is considered the ultimate degradation, since it virtually guarantees that the girl will never be freed; the practice first became popular in Turia, but is gaining acceptance in the northern cities, esp. Ar

Plank collar - (noun): a two-piece board hinged at one end and capable of being locked at the other, similar in operation to the stocks of 18th-century America and England; it has two or more semi-circular holes cut in each side so that it may fit around the necks of more than one slavegirl or captive free woman at one time

Player - (noun): a member of a caste-like society who plays Kaissa professionally; their caste colors are red and yellow

Pleasure Garden - (noun): an area in which wealthy Gorean men keep their slavegirls; roughly akin to the harem of the Arab countries of Earth

Pleasure rack - (noun): a device, ranging in complexity from a grid of ropes in a wooden frame to a moveable, adjustable frame with chains, for the display and sexual use of slavegirls and captive free women

Pleasure silk - (noun): sheer, clingy form of silk worn only by slavegirls; wraps like a pareau, with a disrobing loop at the left shoulder

Pleasure Slave - (noun): a slavegirl whose main function is sexual servitude to her master; traditionally, she kneels with her knees spread wide, and her hands either resting on her thighs or, in some cities, crossed behind her, ready for binding

Pot girl - (noun): a slavegirl whose main function is cooking and other menial tasks; used disparagingly

Pride - (noun): a military unit consisting of 100 Warriors

Pride veil - (noun): the third veil worn by free women; worn under the house veil and over the veil of the citizeness

Priest-King - (noun): the Earth translation of the Gorean term 'Sardar'

Prition - (noun): title of a treatise on bondage written by Clearchus of Cos


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