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Gorean Dictionary




Sa - 1) (noun): life;2) (noun): daughter

Sa-eela - (noun): one of the most sensual and erotic of slave dances; it consists of five distinct portions; belongs to the class of slave dance known as Lure Dances of the Love-Starved Slavegirl

Sajel - (noun):a drug which causes harmless pustules to erupt on the body; in combination with gieron, it reproduces the symptoms of the Bazi plague

Salt shark - (noun): a long-bodied (12' or more) carnivorous fish having gills situated under the jaw, several rows of triangular teeth, a sickle- like tail, and a sail-like dorsal fin; inhabits brine pits such as those of the Tahari

San - (adj.): one; fem. sana

sa'ng - (adj.): without

Sa-fora - (noun; lit. 'chain-daughter'): slavegirl

Sa'ng-fori - (noun; lit. 'without chains'): freedom

Salerian Confederation - (noun): an alliance of 4 cities - Ti, Port Olni, Lara, and Vonda - formed to rid the Olni River of pirates & to protect inland shipping

Sar - (noun): king

Sardar - (noun): priest-kings, large (c. 8 ft. tall) intelligent insects who are the true rulers of Gor; the mountain range where the Priest-Kings live

Sardar Fairs - (noun): huge fairs held 4 times each year at the foot of the Sardar Mountains; they coincide with the equinoxes and solstices (En'Kara, En'Kar, Se'Kara, & Se'Var); for the duration of the Fair, the area is neutral territory: no one may be enslaved at the Fair (though slaves captured elsewhere may be sold), & no blood may be spilled; serves as a trading point for information and merchandise; every Gorean is required to visit the Fair at least once before the age of 25

Sa-Tarna - (noun; lit. 'life-daughter'): grain, specifically wheat

Sa-Tassna - (noun; lit. 'life-mother'): meat; food in general

Schendi - (noun): a port city just south of the equator, having a population of c. 1 million citizens; is the base of operations for the League of Black Slavers

Scribes, Caste of - (noun): the caste concerned with history, accounting, record-keeping, etc.; one of the five High Castes which make up Gorean government; their caste color is blue

Se - (adj.): second

Second Knowledge - (noun): the education available to the higher castes; it is more esoteric, and includes knowledge of Earth

Second slave - (phrase): referring to the serving of black wine, it indicates that the consumer prefers to drink it with sugar or milk; from the fact that the sugar and milk are placed in the cup by one slave before the beverage is poured into the cup by a second slave

Second wine - (noun): see breeding wine

Se'Kara - (noun; lit. 'second turning'): the seventh month of the Gorean calendar, that of the autumnal equinox, roughly equivalent to the Earth calendar month of September

Selnar - (noun): the third month of the Gorean calendar (in Ko-ro-ba and some other cities)

Sereem diamonds - (noun): a transparent mineral which is precious because of its rarity; is red with flecks of white

Se'Var - (noun; lit. 'second resting'): the tenth month of the Gorean calendar, that of the winter solstice, roughly equivalent with the Earth calendar month of December

She-urts - (noun; short for 'she-urts of the wharves'): homeless free girls - runaways, vagabonds, orphans, etc. - who live near the canals in port cities, surviving by scavenging, begging, stealing, and sleeping with paga attendants; they sleep wherever they find space, and usually wear a brief tunic instead of Robes of Concealment

Shipping collar - (noun): a loose, generic collar worn by slaves when being shipped as cargo

Shu - (noun): a letter of the Gorean alphabet; derived from oriental calligraphy; represents the sh sound

Sidge - (noun): a letter of the Gorean alphabet; derived from cuneiform

Side-block girl - (noun): a slavegirl sold for a fixed price from the side block of a slave auction house, instead of auctioned from the main block; used disparagingly

Silk girl - (noun): term used by those of Torvaldsland to denote a slavegirl from the southern cities; often used disparagingly

Silk slave - (noun): a male pleasure slave; usually in attendance on a free woman

Sim plant - (noun): a rambling, tangled vine-like plant with huge, rolling leaves, raised in the pasture chambers of the Nest

Sip root - (noun): a bitter root whose extract is the active ingredient in slave wine

Sirik - (noun): an arrangement of chains used to display a slavegirl rather than confine her; it consists of a collar, to which about five feet of chain is attached; part-way down the chain is a pair of manacles, and the chain terminates in a set of shackles

Slave bells - (noun): tiny bells which give off a sensual shimmer of sound; threaded by the dozen on thongs or chains, they may be tied or locked around a girl's ankles or wrists, or attached to her collar; are worn or removed only at the whim of a Master

Slave belly - (noun): the area of the abdomen around the navel; so called because only slavegirls expose their navels

Slave box - (noun): 1) small, square (3x3') iron box, with a door having a viewing aperture of 7"x1/2" in the middle, and a pass-through of 12x2" at the base; a punishment device for slaves; 2) a small ventilated box, barely large enough to contain a slave, sometimes used in the transport & delivery of slaves after purchase

Slave bracelets - (noun): manacles; there are 3 links between the wristrings

Slave cage - (noun): a small cage, just big enough for a slavegirl to sit or curl up, in which she may be placed as cargo

Slave dance - (noun): any of the sensuous and lascivious dances performed by slavegirls to entertain their Masters; designed to display the sexual heat of the performer, and invite her use by Masters; there are many dances, some of which are the Belt Dance, Chain Dance, Dance of the 6 Thongs, Sa-eela, Tile Dance (performed on red tiles), and the Tether Dance

Slave goad - (noun): an electrical device, much like a cattle prod, used for controlling and disciplining slaves

Slave heat - (noun): the intense need and passion of a slavegirl

Slave hobble - (noun): a chain consisting of a wrist-ring and an ankle-ring joined by 7" of chainl it is fastned on one ankle and the opposite wrist

Slave hood - (noun): a leather hood, having no opening for eyes, mouth, or ears, which covers a slave's entire head; usually has a gag attachment

Slave lips - (noun): the pursing of a slavegirl's lips as for kissing; often used as a command

Slave mat - (noun): a course mat to which area a slavegirl may be ordered for discipline or rape; the girl may not leave the mat unless permitted by her Master

Slave oval - (noun): a method of chaining a slavegirl consisting of a hinged iron loop which locks around her waist, with two sliding wrist- rings and a welded ring in the middle of the back

Slave pole - (noun): imaginary pole that 'transfixes' a dancing girl, by which she is 'held' during her dance

Slave porridge - (noun): a cold, unsweetened mixture of water and Sa-Tarna meal, on which slaves are fed; in Torvaldsland, it is called 'bond-maid gruel', and often mixed with pieces of chopped parsit fish

Slave perfume - (noun): perfumes designed to be worn by slavegirls; they are heavier and more sensual than those designed for free women

Slave rag - (noun): see Ta-Teera

Slave rape - (noun): the sexual use of a slavegirl; may be either tender or brutal, casual or deliberate

Slave ring - (noun): a heavy iron ring, c. 1' in diameter, to which a slave may be secured for security, discipline, or any other reason; often found in floors, interior & exterior walls (either 1' or 3' above the ground), attached to the foot of a Master's sleeping couch, etc.

Slave steel - (noun): generic term for collars, chains, siriks, etc. worn by slaves

Slave strap - (noun): heavy strap or belt which buckles behind the wearer's back; in front, there is a metal plate with a welded ring, through which passes the 4 hort (5") chain of a pair of slave bracelets; designed to keep the wearer's hand before his body

Slave veil - (noun): a small triangle of diaphanous yellow silk, worn across the bridge of the nose and covering the lower half of the face; it parodies the heavy veils worn by free women, as it conceals nothing and often arouses the lust of Masters

Slave wagon - (noun): a flat-bedded, barred wagon, like a large cage with a door in the rear, in which many slaves may be transported at one time, their ankles chained to a bar that runs down the center of the floor; tarpaulins are often used to cover the cage & hide the cargo; analogous to an old fashioned Earth circus wagon

Slave wine - (noun): a black, bitter beverage that acts as a contraceptive; its effect is instantaneous and lasts for well over a month; can be counter-acted with a another, sweet-tasting beverage

Slavers, Caste of - (noun): the sub-caste of the Merchants, one who deals in human merchandise; their caste colors are blue and yellow

Slaver's Caress - (noun): a method of touching, without warning, a slavegirl who is being sold in order to exhibit her slave heat for potential buyers; also known as the Whip Caress, as it is commonly done using a coiled whip

Slavers, League of Black - (noun): a branch of the Caste of Slavers; they work out of Schendi and its environs

Slaver's Necklace - (noun): fanciful term for a coffle of slavegirls

Slee - (noun): a rodent which inhabits the rainforests inland of Schendi

Sleen - (noun): a ferocious feline, some 20 feet long, having 6 legs and 2 rows of teeth; there are four types: the prairie sleen, which is tawny; the forest sleen, which is black or brown; the aquatic sea sleen; and the white snow sleen; can be domesticated for herding and tracking

Sleen - (noun): a tribe of Red Savages which inhabits the Barrens

Slime worm - (noun): a long, slow, blind worm which inhabits the caverns below the Nest in the Sardar; scavenges the remains of the Golden Beetles kills

Sorp - (noun): a shellfish, common esp. in the Vosk river, similar to an oyster; like an oyster, it manufactures pearls

Stabilization Serums - (noun): a series of medical injections which, among other things, retards the aging process; an invention of the Priest-Kings, approved by them for use by humans; administered in 4 injections

Stimulation cage - (noun): an ornate, fairly roomy cage, furnished comfortably with fabrics of all kinds, furs, cosmetics, perfumes, jewelry, etc. in which a naked slavegirl in training may be housed; its purpose is to awaken her senses, esp. the tactile senses, to everything in the world around her, so that she may be more pleasing to Masters; in addition, it is just too short for her to stand upright, so that her head is always inclined in a gesture of submission

Stone - (noun): a unit of measurement equal to 4 Earth pounds

Stones - (noun): a guessing game in which one player must guess whether the number of stones hed in the fist of the second player is odd or even

Street of Brands - (noun): the city or area in a given city where slavers conduct their business

Street of Coins - (noun): the street or area in a given city where banking and other financial transactions take place

Street veil - (noun): the outermost veil worn by free women; worn over the house veil when leaving the house

Submission mat - (noun): a scarlet mat, used in Tharna, on which a free woman, naked and bound with yellow cords, must submit as slave to her Master, first hearing him recite a ritual poem, then yielding physically

Sul - 1) (noun): starchy, golden-brown, vine-borne fruit; principal ingredient in sullage; 2) (noun): a tuberous vegetable similar to the potato; often served sliced and fried

Sul paga - (noun): alcoholic beverage made from suls; akin to vodka

Sula - (command; lit. 'back'?): at this command, a slavegirl will lie on her back, her hands at her sides, palms up, and with her legs spread wide

Sullage - (noun): a soup made prinicipally from suls, tur-pah, and kes, along with whatever else may be handy

Sun Lances - (noun): a warrior society of the Sleen tribe of Red Savages

Swamp Spiders - (noun): man-sized acrachnids which inhabit the swampland near the city of Ar; they can communicate in human speech via the mechanical translators they wear around their abdomens; they spin Cur-lon Fiber, which is used in the textile mills of Ar


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